The VINTAGE TOOL SHOP in 549 High st, NORTHCOTE 3070 is the ONLY dedicated vintage tool shop in Melbourne.

We know that people always need good tools & we offer unique items that are high quality user grade or collector grade antique hand tools. Most of our tools are of a better quality & more durable than what you buy brand new at a hardware store these days with a few high end exceptions.

The newly opened VINTAGE TOOL SHOP is a combined center for VINTAGE TOOLS MELBOURNE (www.VintageToolsMelbourne.com.au) & VINTAGE DESIGN SHOP (www.VintageDesignShop.com.au). We have been selling vintage & antique & retro items in bazaars & stalls, online via eBay & Etsy, markets & tool sales etc since 2012.

We sell tools to people in Australia & all over the world – Japan, USA, Canada, Russia, U.K., Spain, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Latvia & more, from our online shop www.VintageToolsMelbourne.com.au via eBay – seller:vintage-tools-melbourne.

www.VintageToolsMelbourne.com.au are one of the biggest (worldwide) seller of antique & vintage hand saws, and offer one of the largest selection worldwide at any given time of freshly hand sharpened saws, it’s our specialty. We also do custom sharpening & give advice to customers to suit their particular requirements. We have plenty of saws in our workshop, so if you want anything from a Kenyon to a Disston hand saw or tenon or sash or carcase or dovetail, please write us or give us a call or even better, drop in for a chat about it & see some saws or tools.

The Newly opened VINTAGE TOOL SHOP in Northcote will be a center for our activity-  we’re selling vintage tools that we have stockpiled for years & were once only available via our online eBay shop www.VintageToolsMelbourne.com.au. Also available are Vintage Design Shop vintage household & industrial items to make it appealing not only for tool lovers.

Norris, Spiers, Disston, Stanley, Preston, Millers Falls, Goodell Pratt, North Brothers, Ward, Sorby, Erik Anton Berg, Spear & Jackson, Titan, Kenyon, Taylor Brothers, Beardshaw – to name a few of the iconic toolmakers that we stock. If you collect a particular tool or maker, please let us help you find that missing piece in your collection.

Axes, hatchets, saws (hand saws, tenon, sash, carcase, dovetail, gents, pad & hacksaws, one man crosscuts), planes, infill planes, moulding planes, chisels (bevel, gouge, firmer, mortice, carving, cold etc), bevels, marking gauges, mortise gauges, butt gauges, pliers, levels, braces, eggbeater drills, auger bits & sets, awls, spokeshaves, drawknives, scorps, adzes, natural sharpening stones, barber hones & stones, straight / cutthroat razors (framebacks, wedge, Spanish point, stubtails etc, with a LOT of early pre 1830 razors), tapes, plumb bobs, lead dressing sticks, plumbers bobbins, hammers, mallets & many more. Also amongst all the above will be some select 18th century tools for the serious collector.

We are proud of what we do & it’s also good for the environment to restore & reuse, not just throw away & buy a new one, but we acknowledge that not everyone has the skill set or facilities to restore their own tools or space to do so, hence we provide sharpened & sensitively restored tools for those people, we also offer a sharpening service for tools that we sell, including razors.

Tools are tax deductible for users, they also don’t lose their value if well looked after & even help you to make you living if you are a maker, plus they never go out of fashion. Tools are cool!

And if you have a collection to dispose of or some tools that you don’t require & wish to sell, please contact us as we are always looking to buy quality tools.

GIFT VOUCHERS are available if you are unsure of what to buy a friend or loved one – you can purchase in store or send us an email if you require a printable voucher.

Please come & see us for your hand tool requirements:
549 High st, Northcote, VIC 3070.
(We’re located opposite the ”Welcome to Thornbury” truck food stop)

OPEN Wed-Sun 11am-6pm

INSTAGRAM is constantly updated with our new stock  – @vintage_tool_shop

Phone: 040 109 1970
E-mail: info@vintagetoolshop.com.au