Heritage Saws GIFT CARD

Heritage Saws GIFT CARD

Heritage Saws Melbourne
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Heritage Saws GIFT CARD. 

The above Heritage Saws GIFT CARD  denominations correspond to:

• $270 for YARRA model dovetail or carcass SAW with American WALNUT handle, 1075 spring steel 0.5mm thick saw BLADE & 3mm thick cartridge BRASS BACK, the teeth are hand cut & precision HAND FILED

• $470 for our premium model CARLTON, FITZROY, PRESTON or BRUNSWICK dovetail & open handed carcass SAWS with FANCY TIMBER handles, 3mm thick cartridge BRASS BACKS, the teeth are hand cut & precision HAND FILED, the BLADES are 1075 American spring steel 0.5mm thick & are hand polished;

.  $550 for our premium model HAMPTON HALF BACK SAW. A choice of many handle timbers available, 0.8mm 1085 American spring steel plate with a 3mm thick folded cartridge brass spine.   

• $650 for our RICHMOND model tenon & sash SAWS with FANCY TIMBER handle, 3mm thick extra deep cartridge BRASS BACK, the teeth are hand cut & precision HAND FILED, the BLADES are 1080 American spring steel 0.8mm thick & are hand polished.

• Please be advised that there is a 6 MONTH lead time on these HANDMADE SAWS.•

Redeemable ONLINE or in the SHOP at Vintage Tool Shop, 549 High St, NORTHCOTE, Melbourne 3070 Australia where Heritage Saws are made.

OPEN Wed-Sun 11am-6pm

Phone 040 109 1970


Instagram - @heritage_saws