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Spear & Jackson

SOLD. S504 Vintage SHARP! Premium Quality SPEAR & JACKSON 10” FINE RIP Dovetail hand SAW

SOLD. S504 Vintage SHARP! Premium Quality SPEAR & JACKSON 10” FINE RIP Dovetail hand SAW

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Antique hand tools - PREMIUM QUALITY saw S504

Up for sale is a hard to find SPEAR & JACKSON No:46 dovetail saw, freshly hand sharpened & set. We believe this one is circa 1930s & it is a fine 14ppi rip, perfect for dovetails.

A 10" / 255mm plate, this saw has been hand sharpened to 5° of rake, 52mm plate depth at the toe & 56mm at the heel & it is a fine cutting 14PPI rip profile.
A plate of London Spring steel with an ornate etch & a patented “unbreakable”  handle, this is a saw from the "Golden Years" of saw manufacture from the late 19th century & early 20th centuries, when their skill was at it's zenith & the materials were high quality & makers took pride in their work & stood by their tools as a quality product, carpenters weren't using hand held circular saws yet, so they needed saws that worked well & held an edge.

This saw is for the woodworker that is happy to work unplugged, you'll know what I mean when you read this, it's like fast food vs slow food, it's getting back to the heart of woodworking & using your hands, not flicking a switch.

It cuts well, please note all sharpened saws are fully guaranteed, if it fails your expectations of a sharp saw, send it back in the condition that I sent it to you for your money back- simple.
Please note any blue colour you can see on the tooth line is engineers set out fluid- our saw Dr (Jim the saw man) uses it to keep track of where he's filed- if you've ever sharpened a saw that will make sense to you.

Please DM us if you are looking for a particular model, maker or type antique/vintage saw, as we have many SHARP ANTIQUE/ VINTAGE SAWS ready for use available in our shop, plus hundreds more yet to restore.

If you wish to purchase MORE THAN ONE SAW, please contact us via e-mail or text 0401091970 so that we can give an accurate combined postage cost for you.

Weight: 505g

Size: 380mm long


This saw is in authentic vintage condition, wear & tear consistent with age & use, the handle is good, the “Spearior” inked letters on the handle have rubbed off, freshly hand sharpened & set, the etch is legible.
It's a lovely saw, ready to go to work in the discerning workshop.
Please check the photos as they are part of the description.

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