How to use a LEATHER STROP?

How to use a LEATHER STROP?

A short demonstration video of VINTAGE TOOL SHOP's AUSTRALIAN made BRAND NEW genuine leather STROPS - proudly made here in Northcote, Melbourne by Mike from Vintage Tool Shop.

One of the handiest tools in your SHARPENING ARSENAL is a PADDLE STROP to put the finest edge on your cutting tools.

Each strop comes with a SMALL BLOCK of CHROMIUM OXIDE COMPOUND - rub the compound on the ROUGH LEATHER SIDE & strop there first, then flip the strop & finish your edge on the SMOOTH LEATHER for a superlative cutting edge.

SIZE - 300mm × 42mm long leather strop double sided with a smooth leather side & a suede / rough side, 390mm overall length including handle.

They are available HERE: 


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