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About Us

We - Mike & Mari - have always shared a passion for vintage - we’re both collectors of many different kinds of antique & vintage items, ranging from antique tools through to vintage postcards and linen, Australian studio pottery & European art glass, 18th century saws & many other things that catch our eyes.

We would much rather buy a vintage item of quality that is well made & has beauty, than buy a contemporary product that is made offshore in some nameless factory & that isn’t designed to last.

Mike is a tradesman carpenter & joiner and tools are very dear to his heart. He served his apprenticeship in NZ and worked in London for 4 & 1/2 years doing heritage restorations. When he arrived in Melbourne in 2001, he worked in construction management on projects ranging from Federation Square, the re-developement of the Russell St Police Station, plus many other multi story buildings, University & Local government projects. Now he's a lot happier finding good quality tools to stock in Vintage Tool Shop & making Heritage Saws.

Mari grew up from an early age using tools assisting her grandfather make silver jewellery by hand. Mari worked in Estonia using traditional Estonian sustainable building tecniques, including thatching, log cabins, wattle & daub wall linings & finishes including making your own paint!

After having stalls in various vintage & antique markets & bazaars plus an Ebay online shop (seller: VintageToolsMelbourne), in 2019 we decided to open our own shop, with a focus on hand tools. We wanted people to be able to come & hold the tools, to make a connection with the tool that catches their eye - something that one can’t do with a dedicated online only store.

We love what we do & understand that we don’t really own anything, we are just custodians of these lovely tools for a little while, then they will find their new homes.

Tools are tax deductible for users, they also don’t lose their value if well looked after & even help you to make you living if you are a maker, plus they never go out of fashion. Tools are cool!

And if you have a collection to dispose of or some tools that you don’t require & wish to sell, please contact us as we are always looking to buy quality tools.


Mike, Mari & our faithful companion Rocky (@Rocky.the.shopdog)

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Our Melbourne Shop

We are proud that the VINTAGE TOOL SHOP Pty Ltd is the ONLY dedicated vintage tool shop not only in Melbourne, but the whole of Australia! Visit us at 549 High st, NORTHCOTE 3070.


Our Online Shop

We know that people always need GOOD TOOLS & we offer unique items that are high quality USER GRADE or COLLECTOR grade vintage hand tools.

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Heritage Saws

Beside selling vintage tools, we manufacture our bespoke HERITAGE SAWS for woodworkers, proudly made in the workshop of our shop here in MELBOURNE.



There are many makers, artists & craftsmen working around us. We love celebrating and sharing our trusted friends & partners!


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We are proud of what we do, it’s also GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT TO RESTORE & REUSE, not just throw away & buy a new one. But we acknowledge that not everyone has the skill set or facilities to restore their own tools or space to do so, hence we provide sensitively restored tools for those people.

Below is a video made by Jon Kahler about upcycling in Vintage Tool Shop, Oct 2019.

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