We - Mike & Mari - have been selling VINTAGE & ANTIQUE TOOLS in vintage bazaars, online via eBay & Etsy (as Vintage Tools Melbourne), at markets & tool sales, etc. since 2012.

We opened the Vintage Tool Shop in February 2019 at 549 High st, Northcote, Melbourne and we are the ONLY dedicated vintage tool shop in Australia.

We’re always looking TO BUY quality hand tools - please contact us if you are looking to sell whole collections, workshops lots or single tools.

We were disillusioned with a lot of the hand tool offerings available at many hardware stores- low quality items made offshore in nameless factories with no makers name on them, that usually broke after a short while. That drove us to start VINTAGE TOOL SHOP. 

We stock a range of QUALITY TOOLS from the great makers of old, iconic names such as Norris, Spiers, Preston, Mathieson, Marples, Ward & Payne, Addis, Berg, Stanley, Record, Sargent, Falcon Pope, Turner, Cyclone, Brades, Puma, Disston, Spear & Jackson, Atkins to name but a few. Tools that were made to last & whos makers thought about ergonomics & hardening & used high quality materials, their very name was a synonym for quality, tools to endure.

When one holds & uses a tool, we form an intimate connection, both working together. And if one is going to have a tool, why not have one of BEAUTY? There are good tools & there are cheap tools & they don't often go hand in hand. The old adage "buy the best that you can afford at the time" is sage advice.

Vintage tools fashioned out of HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS & designed to last - cast steel, malleable iron, extra refined London spring steel, Indian Rosewood, applewood, brass, ebony & beech. We know from extant examples that these tools can last 200+ years & more. Thats quality, not consumerism.

As an example, we offer HAND SHARPENED SAWS- it’s our specialty. We also do custom sharpening & give advice to customers to suit their particular saw requirements. We have plenty of restored & hand sharpened HAND SAWS - rip, crosscut & panel, tenon, sash, carcass, dovetail, gents, pad & hacksaws up to large felling crosscuts.

So if you want anything from a Kenyon to a Disston hand saw - please contact us or even better, drop in for a chat about it & see some saws or tools.

Some of these PLANES are arguably the best of their kind ever made - Stanley & Sargent planes, Norris, Slater & Spiers infill & shoulder & rebate planes, bullnose & compass planes, router planes, scrub & scraper planes, combination & plough planes plus more. Some are 120+ years old & still the best that one can buy- thats quality right there!

NATURAL MATERIALS such as wood, steel, iron, brass, leather, bone and stone age well & endure. They feel good in the hand, take on a beautiful patina during their long lifetime. Sometimes we find such tools with 5 or 6 different owners stamps on them....now thats carbon effecient, hey?

It takes a lifetime to build up a proper TOOL KIT - one particular tool to do a particular job, but thats half the fun!

Tools are tax deductible & can make money for their owners when put to work by talented trades & craftspeople. A good tool can pay for itself 100 x over, but a bad tool...... enough said.

We offer a good range of quality vintage & antique tools for the USER & COLLECTOR alike, fresh stock added daily. If you are after a particular tool, please feel free to contact us about it.

Our INSTAGRAM accounts are constantly getting updated with many of our latest offerings.

So, please come over & see us if you are interested in tools, we love hearing about clients tool needs & enjoy matching the perfect vintage tool with the perfect client.

Heritage Saw saws Melbourne Australia bespoke hand made Australian tool dovetail carcass tenon timber timbers wood mortise

Heritage saws

And if you would love to have a tool that has been crafted just for you, check out our locally made HERITAGE SAWS - hand shaped & fashioned, made by men & not just machines in Northcote, Melbourne in the VINTAGE TOOL SHOP


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