Our HERITAGE SAWS are hand SHAPED & fashioned, MADE BY MEN  & not just machines in NORTHCOTE, Melbourne in VINTAGE TOOL SHOP. 

MIKE SUBRITZKY & JIM ANDERSON are serious about SAWS & are PROUD to offer saws that are par with the saw makers of yesteryear, these saws are made in the TRADITIONAL WAY - pre industrial revolution style.

They were unhappy with the hand saw offerings at most retailers, so they decided to make their own. Every saw that comes out of our workshop is UNIQUE, they TAKE TIME to make, but sometimes things are worth waiting for. It's about getting back to the fundamental heart of WOODWORKING, hand-eye coordination, being totally IN THE MOMENT & at one with the tool. Our saws have currently a waiting list of 3.5months for saw customers. 

If you like UNPLUGGED WOODWORKING, you'll enjoy using our saws.

The Heritage Saws hand STAMPED BRASS BACKS are folded in the traditional manner;  our HAND MADE fancy timber (Gidgee, Nelia, Beefwood, Belah, Tasmanian Blackwood, Masur Birch, Indian Rosewood, Wenge & New Zealand Rimu) HANDLES are shaped with rasps & files; we use glover style reclaimed brass SAW BOLTS on our saws to help with sustainability & to reduce our carbon footprint; the saw plates are CUT BY HAND & teeth precision HAND FILED. Our dovetail saw blades are American 1075 spring steel 0.5mm thick & the brass backs are 3mm thick cartridge brass.

Once the HANDLE SHAPE on our PREMIUM SAW - CARLTON, PRESTON, BRUNSWICK & FITZROY MODEL - is cut our & shaped, I invite the client down to the workshop to test the fit of the handle prior to finishing, I then ease it as required whilst they are in the workshop, it esures that the clients saw fits their hand perfectly.

We also have an entry level YARRA SAW with American Walnut handle.

TOOTHING - RIP or CROSSCUT is a per the clients needs, we are happy to offer guidance if required.

HERITAGE SAWS have FOLDED BACKS in the traditional manner of saws, this ensures that the backs grip the blades positively & hold them tensioned. A lot of contemporary makers slot brass bar & then either epoxy or crimp the blades in place. If the end user bends the blade slightly, those saws have to go back to the manufacturer for replacement. With Heritage Saws however, generally a tap on each end of the spine with the toe of the saw resting on a piece of pine, will cause the plate to pull the bend out in most cases. 

A lot of WOODWORKERS find that Japanese saws are great in softwoods, but struggle in HARDER TIMBERS, teeth can snap off easily due to the fragile needle like teeth & most are induction hardened, so brittle as well. Our HERITAGE SAWS  don't have that issue due to our steel being more ductile plus more robust tooth geometry. Heritage Saws will cut a 0.6mm kerf, accurately, these saws will split a pencil line.

We make saws that will last 100 YEARS OR MORE, we're sick of the throwaway society that we've become. Each one of our saws has the mark of our hands & our love of making saws in its very DNA.
We are proud to offer THE ONLY AUSTRALIAN MADE HAND SAWS in the current climate.


HERITAGE SAWS are exclusively sold through VINTAGE TOOL SHOP (Mike’s tool shop), please contact us if you wish to discuss your saw requirements.

CONTACT: phone- 040 109 1970

E-mail: heritagesaws@gmail.com

Instagram – @heritage_saws