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Infill plane

H1115 Cool & Unique antique INFILL SMOOTHING plane

H1115 Cool & Unique antique INFILL SMOOTHING plane

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Vintage tools -  infill plane H1115

Up for sale is a unique antique CAST IRON INFILL plane with a gorgeous FIGURED WALNUT FRONT INFILL.

This one’s rear infill has been removed at some point in its lifetime to convert it to a STANLEY style rear handle with more room- the best of both worlds really.

Its an extra heavy smoothing plane, not much different in size to a 4 & 1/2 sized smoother, however a Stanley 4 & 1/2 weighs 2.1kg, this infill smoother comes in at an extra hefty 2.92kg  

Weight -   2.9kg!

Size: 270mm x 75mm with a 62mm cutter.


This plane is in authentic vintage condition, wear and tear consistent with age & use, its near sharp enough to use as is. The levercap is removed after unscrewing the small pan head locking screw on the RH side. It’s a lovely plane extra heavy smoothing plane for the workshop. 

Please check the photos as they are part of the description.

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