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SOLD PREMIUM Quality SHARP Vintage SIMONDS No95 23" MITRE SAW Antique Handsaw S100

SOLD PREMIUM Quality SHARP Vintage SIMONDS No95 23" MITRE SAW Antique Handsaw S100

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Antique hand tools - PREMIUM QUALITY tenon saw S100:

Up for sale is a stunning & scarce Premium Quality SIMONDS No:95 23" Crosscut MITRE SAW.

This saw is a 23" / 590mm long plate & a fine crosscut profile of 11PPI, 100mm deep all the way through, a handy depth for a Mitre saw, it's freshly hand sharpened, with 15° rake & 25° of fleam.

SIMONDS were making saws in the USA from 1901 until 1926, judging by the die stamps on the spine & the etch & the style of medallion, this mitre saw most likely dates to around 1910, this is a lovely example & has done little work in its life.

A blued spine & 23" plate, this is a saw from the "Golden Years" of saw manufacture 1850-1940s, when their skill was at it's zenith & the materials were high quality & makers took pride in their work & stood by their tools as a quality product, carpenters weren't using hand held circular saws yet, so they needed saws that worked well & held an edge. 

This saw is for the woodworker that is happy to work unplugged, you'll know what I mean when you read this, it's like fast food vs slow food, it's getting back to the heart of woodworking & using your hands, not flicking a switch.

It cuts well, all sharpened saws are fully guaranteed, if it fails your expectations of a sharp saw, send it back in the condition that I sent it to you for your money back- simple. Any blue colour you can see on the toothline is engineers blue set out fluid that my saw dr uses to keep track of where he's filed- if you've ever sharpened a saw before this will make sense to you, it rubs of easy with meths or orange oil or use.

Overall length - 75cm

Weight - 1.5kg


This saw is in authentic vintage condition, wear and tear consistent with age and use, a near full etch, the handle on this is in good shape with only a few age related checks, the spine retains some of its original bluing, it's a lovely mitre saw by one of the better American makers, ready to go to work cutting timber in the discerning workshop.

Please check the photos as they are part of the description.


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