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Screwdriver set

SOLD Vintage mixed set of 7 x English cabinetmakers SCREWDRIVERS T8367

SOLD Vintage mixed set of 7 x English cabinetmakers SCREWDRIVERS T8367

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Vintage tools -  screwdriver set T8367

Up for sale is a vintage mixed set of 7 x CABINETMAKERS SCREWDRIVERS by various English makers - TOGA, PRESTON, I.SORBY, Alfred Jackson, MARPLES, FAGAN.

Essential for the serious woodworker, you can transmit a massive amount of torque with these & for extra stubborn screws you can even use a wrench on the flat tang of the screwdriver to persuade screws even further.

1 x Alfred Jackson 410mm long x 12mm tip

1 x Toga 353mm long x 10mm tip

1 x Preston 345mm long x 11mm tip

1 x I.Sorby 308mm long x 10mm tip

1 x Toga 263mm long x 9mm tip

1 x W.Marples 202mm long x 8mm tip

1 x Fagan 135mm x 6mm tip

Weight: 1.3kg


These 7 screwdrivers are in authentic vintage condition, wear and tear consistent with age & use, some age checks to the handles, tips may need to be tuned & filed to your screwdriving needs, a gorgeous patina to the wood, these will look great on the workshop wall & don’t give you blisters like plastic handled ones, also if you have oily hands plastic screwdrivers get extremely slippery, while wooden handled screwdrivers do not. 
Extremely handy for the unplugged workshop. 

Please check the photos as they are part of the description.

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